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Version: v0.1b

Getting started with the circuit-webhook API

Preparing to receive a Webhook Notification

Before enabling Circuit to send you Webhook notifications you must make sure you are prepared to receive them:

  1. You will need to implement an HTTPS endpoint to receive POST requests.
  2. For each request received from Circuit, your endpoint needs to answer with a 2xx status code.
  3. Circuit will not transfer any data on unsafe connections. So please, ensure your created endpoint is both public, and can handle HTTPS connections. We accept endpoints with self-signed keys.

Enabling the Webhook Notifications

Go to the settings page

  1. Finally, to enable receiving messages from Circuit, go to your team's settings page, on the API sidebar:

    Sidebar Location

Fill your endpoint URL

  1. Now, fill in your endpoint URL:

    Webhook Endpoint

Select the API version

  1. Now, select the webhook API version, this will dictate what messages you receive.

    Webhook Version

Test your webhook

  1. Now, you can test your webhook, to do this, click on the test button. You will either receive an error with why it failed or a success message.

    Webhook Test
  2. If everything goes well with your test, you can now enable the webhook:

    Enable Webhook

What now?

You can check a quick guide on Implementing the Endpoint

You can check the supported Webhook Events

You can check how to add signature verification

And finally, we recommend some best practices on consuming the API.