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API Changelog

In this page Circuit will keep track of all the changes done to the API and the day they happened. If a new version of the API is released this document will be the easiest place to find out about what changes, breaking or new features, are included in that version.


The dates here are formatted in the form YYYY-MM-DD

[v0.2b] - 2024-05-13

Add circuitClientId field to the create, import routes.

This field indicates which client of Circuit Client Portal is associated with the stop.

Note: circuitClientId cannot be used to update a stop. It can only used to create or import a stop.

[v0.2b] - 2024-03-22

Add the displayName field to the Driver model.

[v0.2b] - 2024-02-19

Add the optimizationOrder field to the create, import and update stop routes.


First: Setting optimizationOrder to first ensures the stop is placed at the beginning of a route.

Last: When set to last, the stop is positioned at the end of the route.

Default: If this field is omitted or set to default, the optimization algorithm determines the stop's optimal position to ensure efficient routing.

[v0.2b] - 2023-11-22

Add the Save Plan endpoint to the API. Now it's possible to save the live plan's changes after re-optimization without automatically distributing it to the drivers. This endpoint isn't necessary when re-distribute is used.

[v0.2b] - 2023-11-16

Add the Live Plans and Live Stops endpoints to the API. Now it's possible to create/import, update, and delete stops in a plan that was already optimized and distributed. When any Live Stops request returns the flag pending = true, the changes will only take effect after the plan is re-optimized and re-distributed.

[v0.2b] - 2023-11-13

Add the allowedDrivers field to the create, import and update stop routes.

This field indicates that only certain drivers can be used during optimization. If the field is provided during stop creation the provided drivers will all also be added to the plan. If provided during an update the plan will not be updated with the changed drivers, this will have to be done manually, if needed.

[v0.2b] - 2023-10-19

Add the Operations, along with the new Operation model, Plan Optimize and Plan Distribute endpoints to the API to allow for optimizing plans and distributing the optimized routes via the API.

[v0.2b] - 2023-09-05

Add the passed recipient data to the batch import endpoint error response so mapping the failed stop to a provided recipient in the client-side, if needed, is easier.

[v0.2b] - 2023-05-23

Release the v0.2b version with support for creating Plans and Stops via a REST HTTP API, the Circuit Public API.

Model changes:

  • Stops

    • Changes multiple fields, and all the IDs, so it is easier integrating the HTTP REST API with the Webhooks API.
  • Plans

    • New model for facilitating associating Stops with Drivers and Depots, read more about it here.
  • Drivers

    • New read-only model for retrieving existing Drivers in your team.
  • Depots

    • New read-only model for retrieving existing Depots in your team.
  • Routes

    • New read-only model for getting information on a Route, related to a Driver and a Plan, read more about it here.

[v0.1b] - 2023-01-20

Add new stopPosition field to the Stop Event

[v0.1b] - 2022-12-15

Release the first beta version of the Circuit Webhook API.