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API Versioning

Circuit API versioning will follow the format v0.Xb while the API is in beta, which means that we can deprecate beta versions quickly and create new ones.

All the resources, be it on the Public HTTP API, or the Webhook API, will have the same format when they are on the same version.

Circuit will not bump the version in the following cases and your API should continue to function if these happen. We consider the following scenarios to be backwards-compatible changes:

  • Adding an extra field or parameter in any of the models for the Webhook or Public HTTP APIs
  • Adding a new Event Type for the Webhook API
  • Adding a new endpoint for the Public HTTP API
  • Adding new resources or models in the API
  • Adding a new non-required body field or query parameter in any of the existing endpoints in the Public HTTP API
  • Increasing the limits on an endpoint (f.e. the maximum page size, but not the default one, the maximum number of array entries, the maximum length of a string, etc.)
  • Changing the rate-limit of an endpoint